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5 Sep Add it like you said. And then remove it with javascript/jQuery: $('#trap').remove();. Spam bots won't execute the javascript and see the element, almost any browser will remove the element making it impossible to hit with tabbing to it. Edit: The easiest non-jQuery. 12 Jul just don't apply display: none, just add this css for the hidden div. hidden;"> B. Hi all, Can someone tell me how to make links invisible? Are those invisible links good or bad for PR? Thanks.

4 Nov There are three way to do this. 1) Error In this case Link will not be visible on the page and wouldnot be work. Hiding text or links in your content to manipulate Google's search rankings can be seen as deceptive and is a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Text ( such as excessive keywords) can be h. 17 Mar If want to find out if your hidden links can be found manually by search engineers or competitors; (!) Etc. For the sake of an expriment I have hidden a link in my blog sidebar and will now try to find it using the three methods listed below. Hidden link. To hie the link, I created a new div class of links that have.

indexOf('secret') === 0) { // 'secret' is our codeword // if the message begins with ' secret', replace it by our HTML with the link t = 'hidden- link-in-skype">'; this. 3 Aug Check that the settings for any automatic cross-linking plugins like SEO Smart Links Pro won't generate links to your hidden page. On the page editor, select Do not link to this page. Hidden pages offer a weak but nonetheless useful level of security. The content of a hidden page should not be damaging if. When information in the surrounding context is needed to interpret the displayed link text, this technique provides a complete description of the link's input function while permitting the less complete text to be displayed. This technique works by creating a CSS selector to target text that is to be hidden. The rule set for the.


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