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The first play on words being of the similar sound, one who thinks a bit more about it will realize a "cunning linguist" would be someone who is skilled at speaking, implying the mouth, thus, someone BTW, my old softball team, Cypress, California, was named the cunning linguists, and we "licked" most of our competition. 10 Sep Joe Devney's answer probably has some truth to it, but if indeed 'cunning linguist' were something that has been invented many different times independently you would It's a simple enough play on words that I'm sure there is no single origin. Many people would have come up with it independently. Especially linguists. (Deacon and Kno), cunning lynguists with stunning English · (Our true lies bring more pumps than) Harry Renquist (Every week) with the best speech · Roll with cats who smoke more trees than the slash and burn techniques (Sex beats between bed sheets) Red fleets, Pulp Fiction style, (leaving your car with red seats).

A common subversion of this trope is to land the Cunning Linguist in a situation where he/she doesn't speak the language—often a ridiculously common one, like This trope is named for the cunning most linguists display throughout a given movie, always saving the squad's collective asses with only their quick wit and. Warning: This post contains some mildly explicit language. It's something many of us have probably seen: Some person or another makes a post on social media, or even makes a statement in real life, pertaining to language, grammar, linguistics, or the like. Maybe it's not even related to language per se, but just displays an. English[edit]. Noun[edit]. cunning linguist (plural cunning linguists). (colloquial, humorous, euphemistic) One who performs cunnilingus. quotations ▽. , April Masini, Date Out of Your League, page Become a Cunning Linguist – She Loves Oral Sex! , Vibe (volume 13, number 9, page ). An obvious choice.

English[edit]. Noun[edit]. cunning linguistics (uncountable). (humorous) Synonym of cunnilingus. Retrieved from "?title= cunning_linguistics&oldid=". Categories: English lemmas · English nouns · English uncountable nouns · English jocular terms · en:Sex. CunninLynguists are an American hip hop trio from Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. The group currently consists of Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti. The group has released an extensive discography, including multiple mixtapes and studio albums, all which have been subject to widespread critical acclaim for.


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