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The evidence act 2011

EVIDENCE ACT, EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM. This Act repeals the Evidence Act, Cap. E14, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, and enacts a new Evidence Act, which applies to all judicial proceedings in or before Courts in Nigeria. About this republication. The republished law. This is a republication of the Evidence Act (including any amendment made under the. Legislation Act , part (Editorial changes)) as in force on 24 May It also includes any commencement, amendment, repeal or expiry affecting this republished law to. ( bytes). Evidence Act. Chapter Laws of the Federation of Nigeria Arrangement of Sections. Part I. Preliminary. Short title and interpretation.

The Evidence Act (also referred to as the Act) came into force on 3 June when it received the assent of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as it contains no commencement date). The Evidence Act is remarkable in that it is a significant attempt to address the multitude of inadequacies in the old. WHAT'S NEW ABOUT THE EVIDENCE ACT Isaiah Oreweme The new Evidence Act enacted by the Nigerian National Assembly in June appeared not to draw a lot of attention and celebration from the Nigerian public. This cannot however be a measure of the significance of the changes if any, effected by the. Document and information managers in the country are seeking a review of the Evidence Act to allow the admissibility of electronic records as.

19 Mar Section 29 (2) and (5) of the Evidence Act , provides that any confession obtained from an accused person by torture, inhuman or degrading treatment, the use of threat or violence, hence by oppression would not be considered voluntary and therefore inadmissible in evidence against the accused. 19 Mar New Evidence Act and implications for administration of Justice. · As Nigeria finally drops a year old former law. KAYODE KETEFE. On July 19, , the administration of justice system in Nigeria got a big boost with the coming into force of a new Evidence Act, after being signed into law by. 11 Oct Act Section 95(7): amended, on 1 July , by section 5 of the Evidence Amend- ment Act ( No 89). Cross-examination on previous statements of witnesses. (1). A party who cross-examines a witness may question the wit- ness about a previous statement made by that witness without.


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